Inner Guidance

The central perception of the multisensory human is that he or she is not alone.

The multisensory human does not need to rely solely upon his or her own perceptions and interpretations of events for guidance, because he or she is in conscious communication with other, more advanced intelligences. This does not mean that the multisensory human is relieved thereby from choosing, in each instant, the course of his or her life. But it does mean that the multisensory human has conscious access to compassionate and impersonal help in the analysis of possible choices and their probable consequences.

The five-sensory human is not alone either, but the five-sensory human is not aware of the assistance that is continually being given, and, therefore, cannot draw upon that assistance consciously. The five-sensory human must learn primarily through physical experiences, and this learning takes longer because lessons learned this way must come through the density of physical matter.


To the five-sensory personality, intuitions are curiosities. To the multisensory personality, they are promptings from, and links to, a perspective of greater comprehension and compassion than its own.


The multisensory human can learn more rapidly than a five-sensory human. With the help that is available to it, the multisensory personality can understand more quickly the meaning of its experiences (how they come, what they represent, and its own responsibility in creating them). It does not need to experience hundreds of painful experiences to learn the major lessons of trust, responsibility, forgiveness or humbleness.

To the five-sensory personality, intuitions are curiosities. To the multisensory personality, they are promptings from, and links to, a perspective of greater comprehension and compassion than its own. These intuitive insights are registrations within its consciousness of a loving guidance that is continually assisting and supporting its growth. Therefore, the multisensory personality strives to increase its awareness of this guidance.

It is not necessary to be capable of voice-to-voice communication, so to speak, to be able to draw upon the sources of guidance and assistance that surround you. This way is available to the advanced multisensory human, but the road to that ability is a joyful one of developing an awareness that wise and compassionate guidance is always available to you, and learning to incorporate it consciously into your life.

How does this happen?

Each question that a person asks, invokes guidance. Every time you ask yourself, "What is my motivation?", you ask the Universe, "Help me to see," and help comes. You may not always be capable of hearing the answers to your questions, and the answers may not always come in the ways that you expect, but they always come. No question is unheard, and no question goes unanswered. "Ask and you shall receive" is the rule, but you must learn how to ask and how to receive.

Guides & Teachers

A guide is not a Teacher. Guides are what might be thought of as experts in certain fields that are called in for consultation. If you are writing a book, for example, a guide that has the quality that you wish to incorporate into your work is available to you. Teachers operate on a more personal plane of involvement, so to speak, although they are impersonal energies that we personalize, that we feel a personal relationship with.

A nonphysical Teacher brings you ever closer to your soul. It draws your attention to the vertical path, and to the difference between the vertical path and the horizontal path. Sooner or later, each soul will turn toward authentic power. Every situation serves this goal, and every soul will reach it. The vertical path begins with the decision to do that consciously.

Your guides and Teachers continually offer you Light (understanding). They encourage you in each moment to your fullest growth and development, yet they cannot prevent you from learning through your experiences. This is so even if you are unable to communicate with them consciously and directly. Your experiences will move you right or left, and you will ask your Teacher this question or that. If you move left, your question will be entirely different than if you had moved right, and the reality that you open by that question will be entirely different.

In what ways does nonphysical guidance serve you?

It is a partnership of challenging you to come to terms with the full width and breadth and depth of authentic power and responsible choice. It is not that you give permission to be mindlessly manipulated. It is that you give permission to be shown the fullest of your power and guided to its use.

When you depend entirely upon the ability of your personality to determine what is best for you, you may stand in the way of a richness that is waiting for you. If you are determined to have your life unfold in a particular way, and none other; if you have your heart set on using your creativity only to accumulate money, for example, consider that you build your entire reality around that. The Universe cannot help you in the same way that it can if you are trusting of it, because it cannot overshadow nor penetrate your choice.

How do you know what the Universe has waiting for you if you restrict it? Can you see?

Let go of what you think is just reward. Let go. Trust. The rest is up to your nonphysical Teachers. Take your hands off the steering wheel. Be able to say to the Universe, "Thy will be done."

Remind yourself that you are supported, that you are not going it alone upon this Earth. Dwell in the company of your nonphysical Teachers and guides. Do not discriminate in terms of what you can and should ask and speak about. Give your guides and Teachers permission to come closer.

When you ask for guidance and assistance, simply assume that it immediately is pouring forward. You may need to work a while to relax your mind to hear, but live in the total assumption that the moment that you ask for guidance it is pouring in. Try looking at life as a beautifully well-organized dynamic.

Trust the Universe. Trusting means that whatever circumstance you are in is working toward your best and most appropriate end.

There is no when to that.
There is no if to that.
It is.

Allow yourself to pray. It is impossible for you to come full ircle in this way of empowerment without prayer. It is not enough to want or to intend or to meditate. You must pray. You must talk. You must ask. You must believe. That is partnership.

Vertical Path

The vertical path is the path of awareness.

Horizontal Path

The horizontal path is the path that satisfies your personality.

The person who chooses to advance his or her spiritual growth, to cultivate awareness of his or her higher Self, is on a vertical path.

When a soul chooses the vertical path, when it chooses to evolve consciously through responsible choice, it becomes capable of liberating itself from its own negativity. It reaches for authentic power. It takes on, so to speak, its own negativity, the unconscious intentions of the splintered parts of its personality.

The vertical path is the path of clarity. Clarity and the experience of interacting with your nonphysical Teacher are one and the same.

To experience relationships of substance and depth requires approaching and entering into relationships with consciousness and concern for the other.

A businessman, for example, who devotes his life to the accumulation of money is on a horizontal path. No matter how diverse his or her ventures may become, they are essentially identical.

If they make money, they please the personality, and if they lose money, they distress the personality, but they do not serve the higher Self. They do not serve his spiritual growth.

A person that seeks relationships only to gratify his or her own needs, such as his or her own emotional or sexual needs, will find that each relationship is essentially identical, that the people in his or her life are replaceable, that experiences with the first and experiences with the second are essentially the same.

Each new experience is not really new. It is more of the same thing.

Disciplining The Intuition

Just as there are technologies to discipline the intellectual mind, such as analytical thinking, studying, and repetition, so, too, are there techniques to engage and discipline the intuition:

Honor emotional cleansing at all times...

Honor emotional cleansing at all times. If you are emotionally blocked, you become a negative person, and you also create a physically diseased body. By keeping your emotions clear, emotional negativity does not reside in you, and you become lighter and lighter. This opens your intuitive track because it allows you a clear sense of unconditional loving. It lightens the quality of your frequency, so to speak, and therefore the guidance that you receive is clear and unobstructed as it enters your system. This requires that you clear yourself each day of your emotional impacts. Just as you dispose of your physical body wastes, so, too, you must dispose of your emotional wastes by finishing emotionally unfinished business.

Honor the guidance by being willing to act...

Honor the guidance that you receive by being willing to act on your intuition. Emotional cleansing leads to intuition, and this leads to learning to respond. Many people do not wish to act on what can be heard so easily, and, therefore, they deny that they hear anything.

Allow yourself an orientation of openness...

Allow yourself an orientation of openness toward life and the Universe, to approach the questions in your life with a sense of faith and trust that there is a reason for all that is happening, and that that reason, at its heart, is always good. This is an essential thought that needs to be in place in order to activate and cultivate your willingness to hear guidance.

You Are Responsible

The decisions that you make are yours to make. A nonphysical Teacher cannot, and would not, live your life for you. It will assist you through the learning experiences of your life. The answers that it can provide you depend upon the questions that you ask - by questioning your own motivations, by praying or meditating and remaining open for the answer. It will answer your questions, but you must ask them, and, therefore, give direction to your own energy.

A Teacher can neither create nor remove karma for you. No being, not even a nonphysical Teacher, can assume responsibility for your life, for the way that you choose to use your energy. However, a nonphysical Teacher can help you to understand what your choices and your experiences represent. It can provide you with the knowledge that will allow you to choose responsibly, and hopefully, choose wisely. Therefore, the ability to draw consciously upon your nonphysical guidance and assistance is a treasure that cannot be described, a treasure beyond words and value.

You Have Gifts For The World

Each soul comes to the Earth with gifts. A soul does not incarnate only to heal its energy, but also to contribute to the Earth school in specific ways. It does this with purpose and intention.

Before it incarnates, each soul agrees to perform certain tasks upon the Earth. It enters into a sacred agreement with the Universe to accomplish specific goals. That is why when a soul succeeds in accomplishing its goal, in fulfilling what it has agreed to do, there is a richness to the lifetime of that personality that is recognized and honored by its fellow souls, both physical and nonphysical.

Whatever the task that your soul has agreed to, all of the experiences of your life serve to awaken within you the memory of that contract, and to prepare you to fulfill it.

An unempowered personality cannot complete the task of its soul. It languishes in an inner sense of emptiness. It seeks to fill itself with external power, but that will not satisfy it. This sense of emptiness, something missing or of something wrong, cannot be healed by satisfying the wants of the personality.

Gratifying needs that are based upon fear will not bring you to the touchstone of purpose. No matter how successful the personality becomes in accomplishing its goals, those goals will not be enough. Eventually it will hunger for the energy of its soul. Only when the personality begins to walk the path that its soul has chosen will it satisfy its hunger.

Authentic empowerment and the fulfillment of the soul's task upon the Earth, therefore, are not separate dynamics. Authentic empowerment is necessary to accomplish fully the mission of the soul, and as you move more into authentic empowerment, you move toward the fulfillment of your soul's agreement. You and the work of your soul upon the Earth expand together. As one grows and develops, so does the other.

When a soul incarnates, its memory of the agreement that it has made with the Universe becomes dormant, awaiting the experiences that will activate it. These experiences are not necessarily experiences that the personality would choose. Interactions with your parents, and with those whom you have chosen to share your intimacy, serve to activate within you an awareness of who you are and what you are here to do. The pains that you suffer, the lonelinesses that you encounter, the experiences that are disappointing or distressing, the addictions and seeming pitfalls of your life are each doorways to awareness. Each offers you an opportunity to see beyond the illusion. With each experience of pain or negativity is the opportunity to challenge the perception that lies behind it, the fear that lies behind it, and to choose to learn with wisdom.

The fear will not vanish immediately, but it will disintegrate as you work with courage. When fear ceases to scare you, it cannot stay. When you choose to learn through wisdom, to evolve consciously, your fears surface one at a time in order for you to exorcise them with inner faith. That is how it happens. You exorcise your own demons.


Gary Zukav, graduate of Harvard and winner of the 1979 American Book Award in Science, explains that we are evolving from a species that pursues power based upon the perceptions of the five senses, external power, into a species that pursues authentic power—power that is based upon the perceptions and values of the spirit. Using his scientist's eye and philosopher's heart, Zukav illustrates how the emerging values of the spirit are changing marriages into spiritual partnerships, psychology into spiritual psychology, and transforming our everyday lives.

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