ACIM Manual For Teachers

What Is Death?


"And the last to be overcome will be death." (1 Corinthians 15:26)

Of course! Without the idea of death, there is no world. All dreams will end with this one. This is salvation's final goal, the end of all illusions. And in death are all illusions born.

What can be born of death and still have life? But what is born of God and still can die?

The inconsistencies, the compromises, and the rituals the world fosters in its vain attempts to cling to death and yet to think love real are mindless magic, ineffectual and meaningless.

God is, and in Him all created things must be eternal.

Do you not see that otherwise He has an opposite, and fear would be as real as love?


Either all things die, or else they live and cannot die. No compromise is possible. Lesson 163





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