A Course in Miracles

Chapter 27 - The Healing of the Dream

The Healing Example


Problems are not specific, but they take specific forms, and these specific shapes make up the world.

And no one understands the nature of his problem. If he did, it would be there no more for him to see. Its very nature is that it is not. And thus, while he perceives it, he can not perceive it as it is.

But healing is apparent in specific instances, and generalizes to include them all. This is because they really are the same, despite their different forms.

All learning aims at transfer, which becomes complete within two situations which are seen as one, for only common elements are there. Yet this can only be attained by One Who does not see the differences you see.

The total transfer of your learning is not made by you. But that it has been made in spite of all the differences you see, convinces you that they (problems) could not be real.


Your healing will extend, and will be brought to problems that you thought were not your own. And it will also be apparent that your many different problems will be solved, as any one of them has been escaped.

It cannot be their differences which made this possible, for learning does not jump from situations to their opposites, and bring the same results.

All healing must proceed in lawful manner, in accord with laws which have been properly perceived, but never violated. Fear you not the way that you perceive them. You are wrong, but there is One within you Who is right.


Leave, then, the transfer of your learning to the One Who really understands its laws, and Who will guarantee that they remain unviolated and unlimited.

Your part is merely to apply what He has taught you to yourself, and He will do the rest.And thus the power of your learning will be proved to you by all the many different witnesses it finds.

Your brother first among them will be seen, but thousands stand behind him, and beyond each one there are a thousand more.

Each one may seem to have a problem which is different from the rest. Yet they are solved together. And their common answer shows the questions could not have been separate.


This is the situation of the world: The problem of separation—which is really the only problem—has already been solved. But the solution is not recognized because the problem is not recognized. Lesson 79





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